A perfect way to start to your day.

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Productivity in your day.

A typical day for you probably involves opening that same programmes every time when you sit down at your Mac, such as mail, Slack, Whatsapp, or Safari. With Shepherd you can skip the manual opening of all your programmes and simply get Shepherd to open all the apps you want with one click. Startup programs can get frustrating when you don’t need them and you start your Mac. Shepherd gives you the power to control when the application you need are launched.  In this busy day and age every second counts.  Why not begin your day, the fastest way possible?


Shepherd is a Mac application that allows you to effectively start your day and launch the applications you need on your Mac, with just one click. Whether it be for work, music or design Shepherd is the app for you. The app lives in the menu bar of your Mac and allows you to easily launch your daily needed applications. Often start up programs get in your way, however Shepherd allows you to control what is launched when.



Categories allows you to organise and control which applicaions you want to launch.

Free and Pro Plan

There is a free and Pro plan depending on your power needs and preferences.


We safely and securely store any emails assocaited with your pro plan.

Easy To Use

One click of the category name launches all applications within that category.


You can add an unlimited amount of applications and categories to launch.


A once off purchase gets you life time access to Shepherd Pro.