How to Use Shepherd?

Add Applications

Adding applications is extremely easy. Simply create a category, if you have not created one already. Tap on edit categories, then click on add to add applications to that category.

Create Categories

You can create an unlimited amount of categories on the Shepherd Pro plan and one category on the free plan. Click on the menu bar items and then edit. A window will appear. Click on create category in the bottom right hand corner and enter your category name.

Launch Categories

Simply tap on the Shepherd icon in the menu bar and click on the category you would like to launch. It’s that easy.

Edit Applications and Categories

Tap on the Shepherd menu bar item. Click edit. A window will pop up with all your current applications and categories. Tap edit categories. To change the category name tap edit on the right hand side of the category title. A window will appear. You can enter your new category name there.

To remove applications tap edit categories in the same applications window as described above. Click on the applications that you would like to remove, in their respective categories. They will be highlighted. Then click delete applications to remove the highlighted categories from their applications.

If ou have any further questions please feel free to contact us by email.